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The Singular Adventure of Charles Goodfoote


ebooks When a brutal murder brings the teen-aged Sherlock Holmes to America, Charles Goodfoote, "the jewel in the crown of the Pinkerton Detective Agency" is assigned as his bodyguard. The two sleuths solve a locked room murder, break a cipher, and foil an assassination attempt on President Grant.


The Art and Science of Tracking Man and Beast


With moral observations and philiosophical musings for the betterment of the reader.

Charles Goodfoote teaches tracking with stories from his past

(currently sold out - more coming)

Crime Scene Sketches of a Private Inquiry Agent


Sketches from the crime scene notebook of Sherlock Holmes.

(A classic from 1976 - if interested, contact me by email.)

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Goodfoote and the Crimson Cape

Charles Goodfoote, jewel in the crown of the Pinkerton Detective Agency, solves a locked door murder of a notorious blackmailer. And lets the guilty walk free.

Master Bao Stories

Master Bao Stories

Five stories of the Daoist Monk and his pupil Ping in China during the Tang Dynasty solving crimes and enlightening the people with Daoist wisdom.


The Singular Adventure of Charles Goodfoote

A teen-aged Sherlock Holmes witnesses a brutal murder in London, and comes to the Wild West to identify the killer. Charles Goodfoote of the Pinkerton Detective Agency is assigned as his body guard and the two sleuths solve a locked room murder, break an clever cipher, and foil an assassination plot.


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In The Curious Incident at the Battle of Ball’s Bluff in the Civil War, a young Charles Goodfoote, is tasked with protecting his foster brother who has signed up to fight in the American Civil War. Although not a soldier, Goodfoote shows his skill and daring in rescuing the young man from a Confederate charge, a man who will someday become a Justice of the United States Supreme Court.

Goodfoote and the Chicago Cipher pits Charles Goodfoote against a devious murderer in the city of Chicago, and he solves the case by breaking a difficult cipher. He seeks help from a mathematical savant, a brilliant pianist with extraordinary calculating abilities.


Kaya and the Eater of Bones

The Apache woman warrior must face the monster Eater of Bones alone. Available on Amazon.


New novel coming soon

The Wicked Affair of the Golden Emperor  a soon-to-be-released novel of Goodfoote solving a heinous crime and uncovering a wicked plot.